Rattlesnake Recipes Cookbook

"You're kidding... THAT was rattlesnake!!!?"
Discover 101+ rattlesnake recipes
(plus cleaning & cooking instructions)
for turning RATTLER MEAT
into a mouth-watering gourmet treat
your friends and family (or customers!)

rattler recipes cookbook

"Former US Navy sailor from Virginia
- now an Oregon wild game cooking maniac -
rolls out her PERSONAL and ORIGINAL,
SECRET RECIPES for rattlesnake meat!"

INCLUDES: Bonus companion "side carb" recipes for meal planning --
PLUS instructions on how to clean, skin, prepare, BBQ, debone & cook rattlers
for maximum delicate flavor and moisture!
Your guests WILL beg for more!

From the kitchen of Tracy Painter....

Dear fellow wild game lover!!

Are you the "accidental" or deliberate owner of a freshly bagged (or frozen) rattlesnake carcass?

Or maybe you're a restaurant owner, community festival or roundup coordinator... or just planning an "outside-the-box" special occasion meal ... with rattler ON the menu! Yes?

Well, you might now be the owner of a very big set of problems. For example, if you currently find an entire snake in your possession:

  • How do you prevent accidents to pets or kids in your household, before and after cleaning and skinning? 
  • How do you clean your rattlesnake SAFELY? 
  • Can you freeze a snake, and clean it later? 
  • What can you do to prevent the meat from drying out?
  • Can you debone the carcass for soups and salads?
  • How do you SKIN the rattler, in a way that preserves the integrity of the valuable snakeskin? (So you can make rattler-crafts of your own, or sell for cash to some other person for homemade rattlesnake crafts?) 


But... safety first! I want to help protect your own safety, and the personal security of your precious pets and youngsters, when dealing with rattlers. (My kids are grown, but I still own "too many" dogs and cats, so nothing would make me more upset than seeing one killed or maimed, because I did not follow rattlesnake safety protocols!)

In addition, regardless of where your rattle snake came from, what do you do with that boney, sinewy carcass, which looks like a bulging two- to five-foot long poultry neck??!! How do you cook the rattlesnake meat in ways that attract oohs and aahs, and doe-eyed begging for seconds? 

Bought the cookbook and really like what I see. Wow! I had no idea so much could be done with the meat! Bravo, bravo and bravo.....the recipes look incredible and I, for one, would not have thought of 3/4 of them. My brother and I do a lot of competitions, and BBQ, and hope to incorporate some of your ideas.... Thanks!

Kent Olson

Or will you end up with the dreaded, "That was very interesting, thank you!", from your lightly nibbling guests? (You know what that comment REALLY means, right?)

All kinds of additional questions come up... what kind of seasonings? Will the meat dry out? How would I barbecue the darn thing? Certainly there's no easy way to get meat off the bones, and if there was... how would I turn that into sausage, spreads, soups, pizza, and salads? Should I cook it whole, or chunk it? How long should the sections be? And so on...

Rattlesnake! Great meat, but not much there, so you can't afford to waste ANY, right?

Thin meat in some places, thicker in others. And enough bones to make gnawing more like running a gauntlet with your teeth, than casually enjoying "finger lickin' good", eh?

Since snake meat is a rare and/or EXPENSIVE food for most of us (one vendor sells a 4-lb rattler carcass for $180 BONE IN!... plus S/H) ... you can't take a chance on wasting a single molecule! Or risk being humiliated by botching the job, and getting ribbed for eternity about the sidewinder meal you asked your friends and family to try and choke down!

Fortunately, whether this prize came into your possession from family safety enforcement, a neighborly donation, roadkill (hah!), a purchase from a retailer of wild or farm-raised rattler, or a rattlesnake round-up or hunting expedition -- you are a VERY LUCKY person!

And not just because you now possess (or paid for) a wild meat treat worth $45 a pound (with the BONES IN!).. but because you may now enjoy my specific and amazing information on turning your rattling trophy into culinary gold!

Get ready for the yummy tummy, RATTLESNAKE STYLE!

Buy my eCookbook now, if you are ready to amaze your dinner guests:

Rattlesnake cookbook

How I Gravitated from Cooking 'Normal' Wild Game to...
Snakes and Turtles??

But first, let me tell you how I developed an insatiable passion for cooking rattlesnakes -- and actually other critters of viperous intent.

I grew up in a rural, home-cooking environment, where hunting was a primary form of recreation - a lifestyle really. Any meal without wild game or fish on the table, was just... well, let's just say the folks at USDA were deficient when they left the word "wild" out of their silly food pyramid.

My snake cookin’ journey actually started in 1982, while in the Navy, in Virginia.

I’d met two crazy guys from “the South” who introduced me to hunting water moccasins, snapping turtles and bullfrogs.  Imagine my surprise at the end of the safari when these critters were taken home ... and cooked!  You can eat these things? 

I admit I was a bit skeptical about digging in. I’d never tasted anything stranger than Rocky Mountain oysters before. Based on past snipe hunting experiences, I was cautious as to whether their presentation was part of a cruel joke. (Men love to do stuff like that to us women, don't they?) But it smelled so good and since the guys were eagerly chowing down, I took a smmaaaaalllll, hesitant bite

It was excellent! 

The snakes, turtle, and frogs' legs were all very tasty.  I had no idea there were actually recipes for these critters!  After each hunt we ate the varmint's cooked in different ways, each seemingly better than the last.

Of course, the trouble was, these guys just waved their hands around, throwing spices and ingredients this way and that way, and would never own up to an actual recipe. I’m also uncertain whether the snakes we ate were actually water moccasins, as I have yet to find a recipe for one, even on the internet. (Not that it matters much, since neither water moccasins nor snapping turtles live in here in the Pacific Northwest, where I now reside.)

Post-Navy, and before I learned how to prepare unfriendly critters of the rattle snake variety, an acquaintance of ours came by one day with three “rattlers” he'd captured.  A year or two had passed since my water moccasin experience, and I was eager to see how tasty rattler was by comparison. My friend was an experienced snake diner, but like me, had never cooked one himself.

I suggested we chunk them up and try a barbecue (that shouldn't be too hard…).  So we cleaned and skinned the rattle snakes the best we could, cut them into sections, and slapped 'em on a hot grill. 

Ever wonder how long to cook rattlesnake? To be safe, we decided to cook it like chicken, and give it plenty of time.  Hmmm, starting to look a little funky in places – oh well, the sauce will help.


That snake was dry and tough as leather, with no real flavor – beyond the BBQ sauce. Out of pure prideful bullheadedness, we ate it anyway (er, most of it) – but it wasn't what I would call really edible.

Again, the experience was questionable, but it whetted my appetite to learn better ways of making snake meat taste as good as cordon bleu.

And now, after 29 years of applying my culinary passions to everything from snake and crawdads, to elk and cottontail, to muskrat and duck, just about ANY wild meat is no longer a mystery... other than, to ask, "what do I want this wild [pick a critter] to taste like for THIS meal"!

My husband Larry and I eat wild game or fish almost every day, and I like to try a different variation every time I make something. We get a lot of neighbors who tend to drop in around supper time, to see what new delicacy is on the menu. (Guests always welcome at the Painter home, of course!)

Even though I no longer live in prime rattlesnake habitat, I take the opportunity - as often as possible - to dine on rattler meat (which tastes even better than my memory of water moccasins!).  Occasionally, someone is gracious enough to drop off or ship me a rattler or two of various sizes or species.

(We used to get out on trips to Idaho and Montana often enough to pick up a few from friends' freezers... but my hubby is very ill the past few years, and no longer able to travel, so I do miss it.)

Anyway, with nearly three decades of applying my natural bent to playing, hunting, fishing, trapping, cooking, and tasting all things wild, I've gotten pretty good at making just about ANY wild meat a meal to remember.

And frankly, rattlesnakes are just plain good eating, IF you know how to cook them!

The eCookbook RATTLESNAKE COOKING MADE EASY was borne of respect for nature and the need for conservation 
of our wildlife populations!

Rattlesnake Cookbook Recipes

So, why a RATTLESNAKE cookbook, for my first foray into publishing (beyond articles)? Why not chase something with a bigger market, like venison or salmon, or even bear or wild turkey, for goodness sake?

Well, at heart, I am a bleeding conservationist. I hate to see the wanton, or meaningless destruction of any species, even rattlesnakes, which serve a useful purpose in their natural ecosystems and habitats. Most wild animals and fish are managed with a wide range of stringent regulations, seasons, and enforcement personnel. So I feel grateful to be hunting, fishing or trapping... by the rules. Wildlife and fish managers usually know best, and I am happy to eat my FULL share (and anything you might donate to my freezer, hint, hint...) of legally harvested wild meats and fish.

Rattlesnakes are in a little different situation. Mostly their harvest is unregulated - although more and more conservation-oriented rules are hitting the books. And regardless of seasons, or bag limits, or whatever, snakes are, well, DANGEROUS! When my kids were young, NO RATTLER BETTER SHOW UP ANYWHERE NEAR MY HOME! They went right in the cookpot if they were snooty enough to come within hiking range. Nothing personal, just that ... I love my family!

Fortunately, most rattlesnake habitats offer plenty of snakes to go around. And rattler round-ups are often centered around obtaining data for the management and conservation of rattlesnakes -- NOT the serpents' total elimination. Also, rattlesnake ranches are starting to pop up here and there as well, taking pressure off wild populations ... although rattler farming does NOT seem to be a fast-growing industry (for obvious reasons - ever meet an OLD rattlesnake wrangler?).

Of course, beware that some rattlersnake species are endangered, and protected. You can go to jail for killing one (and self-protection is tough to prove!). Know your species, habits, and habitat!

My passion for creating rattlesnake recipes was picked up in late 2010 by the publisher of Cooking Wild Magazine. Note the word "RATTLESNAKE" near the upper right corner of the magazine cover:

Cooking Wild Magazine Cover 

And below is the three-page spread they gave me, including a couple of recipes from my eCookbook (which was not yet published at the time of this article):

Rattlesnake recipes article 

Let's quit wasting Nature's most DELICIOUS wild meat!

Back to rattlesnake conservation for just a moment...

Perhaps the situation that tears at my heart more than any other, is the complete waste of snakes that are justifiably killed for personal safety, or even road killed, but then thrown into the garbage heap. One of nature's finest meats, for sure, and a VERY EXPENSIVE DELICACY! Since we humans enjoy "dominion" over the earth, we also own a responsibility: to make sure when - for whatever reason - we take a life, that creature is put to good use, and there usually is one. Rattlers are no exception. 

I had tried to cook rattlesnakes a couple times in the past, and ... it was a disaster, tough, chewy, and not very tasty. So I went back to throwing them away...

After reading the articles in RATTLESNAKE COOKING MADE EASY on how to clean and skin a rattler, and reading all the mouthwatering recipes, I gave it another try.

What a difference a little knowledge and experience make! Delicious… I even BBQ-ed half a rattler with pretty good success, using Tracy's tips.

Now I beg my neighbors for any rattlesnake carcasses they run across... this will keep a lot more of them from ending up in the landfill!

Malcolm Dell, Idaho

If you or one of your neighbors or friends kill a rattlesnake, PLEASE! - if you are not interested in using the information in my cookbook to turn that creature into a fine gourmet memory - AT LEAST clean and wrap it up safely, and freeze it for someone else to enjoy! You might need to ask around, but there are always people (like me) looking for a rattlesnake handout. I am salivating just thinking about it!

But of course, I hope YOU will "cowboy or cowgirl up", and take the plunge, and with the help of my eCookbook, learn to prepare and appreciate what is surely one of our planet's most exquisite taste treats.

And now, the moment, you've been waiting for... (imagine a drum roll, please!).

I've spent months putting together the best of the best of my recipes for fixing and serving wild rattle snake meat. And I've included my own well-written instructions for (SAFE!) cleaning, skinning, preparing, deboning, and cooking rattlesnake meat for maximum culinary pleasure.

I guarantee you the very best recipes for this e-cookbook. As the headline at the top of this page indicates, you will discover over 101 recipes that will make you treasure every rattlesnake carcass that ends up in your lap (uh, hopefully deceased, of course!).

I promise, that after trying out my eCookbook on your next snake, you will begin to salivate at the very mention of the term rattler, or rattlesnake.

rattlesnake recipes

PS Your PDF copy is available by download from a link in the email that will arrive within a couple minutes after your purchase! We use Paypal for our processor... but you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase this Goldmine of rattlesnake information... just look for a link that says "purchase with a credit card" or something like that.

buy your rattlesnake cookbook with PayPal

In the Table of Contents for your copy of the RATTLESNAKE COOKING MADE EASY, you will find a comprehensive list of either completely ORIGINAL recipes; or personal, unique adaptations of traditional or old family recipes. Where necessary, all are re-formulated and written with instructions for dealing with a bony rattlesnake carcass or deboned snake meat.

And remember, one of the largest US suppliers of rattlesnake meat offers them at $180 for a cleaned carcass... that is $45 a pound with the BONES IN! For a fraction of the value of one pound of fresh and/or frozen rattler, you can use my eCookbook (101 recipes, and instructions on cleaning, skinning, and cooking tactics) to make a gourmet rattlesnake meal your guests will rave about.

(PS you might adapt some of the recipes in this resource to other species of critters, even the barnyard varieity ... but the cooking and grilling instructions are mostly unique to rattler!)

Here is a list of recipes from RATTLESNAKE COOKING MADE EASY: 

Basic HomeStyle Rattlesnake

Quick N Easy Rattlesnake Bake

Baked Rattlesnake in Cream Sauce

Pan Fried Rattler

Fritter Batter Deep Fried Rattlesnake

  • Fritter Batter 

Fried Rattlesnake & Gravy


Rattler Old-Fashioned Country Favorites


Rattlesnake-Bacon Stuffed Rolls

  • Hard Rolls 

Herbed Rattlesnake Bake

Creamy Tomato Rattlesnake Bake

Cajun Rattlesnake & Crawdads

Quick Rattlesnake Curry

Rattlesnake Italian Fry

Redneck BBQ Crockpot Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake-Mushroom Pot Pie

  • Top Pastry Crust 

Country Style Rattler Pot Pie

  • Single or Double Pastry Recipes  

1.       Thin ‘Pot Pie’ Style Crust

2.       Thick Home Style Crust

Rattlesnake Baked in Cream


Rattlesnake for Breakfast


Creamed Rattlesnake with Fried Eggs

Rattlesnake Hash

Hot Rattler Scramble

Rattlesnake Parmesan Crepes

  • Crepes 

Rattlesnake Salads & Appetizers


Rattlesnake Chef Salad

Rattlesnake Salad

Rattlesnake Cocktail

Rattlesnake Grapefruit Cocktail

Rattlesnake Sandwich Spread or Chip Dip

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Cream Cheese Rattler

Rattlesnake Roll Ups

Rattlesnake Cheese Balls

RattlesnakePot Stickers 

  • Oriental Dipping Sauce 

Rattlesnake Beer Boil

Steamy Tequila Rattlesnake


Soups, Stews and Chili


Rattler-Snoodle Soup

  • Dumplings 

Rattlesnake Minestrone

  • French Bread 

Rattlesnake Chapino Soup

  • Hard Rolls 

Rattlesnake Skillet Chili

  • Indian Fry Bread 

Country Style Rattlesnake Chili

  • Sourdough Starter 
  • Sourdough Biscuits 

Five Bean Rattlesnake Chili

  • Buttermilk Biscuits 

Quick Rattlesnake Chili

Rattlesnake Chowder

·          Whole Wheat Beer Bread

Rattlesnake Stew

  • Sourdough Starter 
  • Ol’ Timey Sourdough Biscuits 

Rattlesnake Pasta & Rice Dishes


Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Lasagna

Rattlesnake Tetrazzini

Veggie & PastaSkillet Rattlesnake 

Italian Zucchini Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake Stroganoff

Rattlesnake Fried Rice


Original Rattlesnake Sausage


Zesty Rattlesnake Sausage

Sweet-N-Spicy Rattlesnake Sausage

Adventurous Rattlesnake Sausage

Rattlesnake-Potato Sausage

Frank's Smoked Summer Sausage


Rattlesnake Pizza


  • Homemade Pizza Crust 
  • Country Classic Pizza Sauce 

Old Fashioned Rattlesnake Pizza
Rattlesnake Pizza Alfredo
Redneck Rattlesnake BBQ Pizza 

Redneck Rattler Taco Pizza

Tex-Mex Rattler


Rattlesnake Burritos

Rattlesnake Tacos

Rattlesnake Tostadas

Rattlesnake Quesadillas

Red Rattlesnake Enchiladas

Green Rattlesnake Enchiladas

Rattlesnake Taquitos

Rattlesnake Tamale Pie

Rattlesnake Fajitas

Steamy Tequila Rattlesnake


Rattler Barbecue


Whiskey BBQ Rattler

Orange-Molasses BBQ Rattlesnake

Grilled BarbieQ Rattlesnake

Creole BBQ Rattlesnake

Orange Juice Grilled Rattlesnake


Tangy Cider-Glazed Rattlesnake



Gourmet Rattlesnake Entrée’s


Rattlesnake in Lemon Cream Sauce

Poached Rattlesnake with Avocado Sauce

Sesame Rattlesnake Bake

Braised Italian Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake Newburg

Rattlesnake Vinaigrette Casserole

Baked Rattlesnake with Capers

Hot Spicy SzechwanRattlesnake

Zesty RattlesnakeCurry

Tea Smoked Rattlesnake

Apples N Cider Rattlesnake Bake

Rattlesnake Thermidor

RattlesnakeAsian Skillet Casserole

Rattlesnake Stuffed Mushrooms

Sweet & Sour Rattlesnake


Pickled Rattlesnake


Sweet & Sour Pickled Rattlesnake

Country Style Pickled Rattler

Wine & Onion Pickled Rattlesnake

Spanish-Orange Pickled Rattlesnake

Pickled Rattlesnake in Tomato Sauce

Beer Pickled Rattlesnake

Coconut Milk Pickled Rattlesnake

Spicy Hot Asian Pickled Rattlesnake & Fish

Oh, and don't forget the bonus materials! This would not be a COOKBOOK for rattlers, unless I also shared how to SAFELY:

  • CLEAN your rattlesnake! 
  • SKIN your rattlesnake! 
  • DeBONE your rattlesnake (for meatless dishes)! 
  • And COOK your rattlesnake... including DETAILS on how to BBQ without destroying the meat! 
  • PLUS a short foray into MEAL PLANNING with rattlesnake meat! 

So, I take you from having a dead sidewinder in your hand, all the way through a cleaned and skinned carcass, to 101 ways to cook this critter that will make memories! 

And in a logical sequence, for your home cooking and serving convenience.

That is about it. You now have enough information on whether you want to buy my eCookbook or not. And it comes with an UNCONDITIONAL guarantee... if using this resource does not alleviate your fears of preparing and cooking rattler, and creating a genuine gourmet rattlesnake meal, ask for your money back! Credit given within ONE day, to your credit card account!


101 rattlesnake recipes

Tracy Painter, Author

PS If you want to send a check, instead of buying online, please call my fulfillment gal, Sandy,
toll free at
 (888) 231-1699, to make arrangements!

Oh, and I want to thank my publisher, Lee Landers, at Elbow Grease Publishing, without whose help and support, this project would never have launched!

Happy Snakin' out there... and BE SAFE!